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Asset Recovery/ Surplus Funds

Asset recovery is the process of reclaiming previously lost or abandoned property and returning it to the rightful owner or heir/heirs.

The Unclaimed Property Statute states that the property owners never relinquish the rights to the property which means you may have unclaimed funds sitting as a result of a foreclosure or loss of personal property. When property is presumed abandoned it is turned over to the state to wait for the rightful owner to claim it. Once enough time passes where a claim has not been made, the unclaimed property is then turned over to the Department of Treasury to await the rightful owner to make a claim.

This includes:

Dormant Savings - Checking Accounts - Certificates of Deposit - Safe deposit Box Contents - Uncashed Money Orders - Cashiers & Traveler Checks - Uncashed Payroll Checks - Unused Gift Certificates - Oil & Gas Royalty Payments - Uncashed Stocks - Uncashed Mutual Fund Dividends - Stock Certificates - Mineral Royalty Payments - Unclaimed Security Deposits- Utility Deposits - Customer Deposits - Credit Balances - Refunds & Overpayments - Court Deposits - Insurance Payments - Probate Court Judgments - Property Overlooked in Estate Probate - Paid Up Life Insurance Policies - Uncashed Death Benefit Checks - Life Insurance Proceeds - Health & Accident Insurance Payments - HUD-FHA Refunds

As you can see, there are many places that your assets could be parked waiting for you to claim it.  The key is to find it. 

In some cases your personal property may have been taken because they were perceived to be obtained through illegal means. A conviction is not necessary for civil forfeiture to occur, simply a suspicion is enough for property or your money to be seized. Your assets can be recovered and returned but you must be able to prove that the property was not involved in or a result of any criminal activity. 

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