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Your day in Court

Your Day In Court

Your day in court

Many people have never been inside a court room, so it can be a frightening and confusing experience.  However, there are things that you can do that will make your day in court smoother, and may even be the little bit that helps your result go from good to great.

What you SHOULD do:

  1. Dress just as boring as your lawyer does. That means no jeans, no shorts, no T-shirts, no earrings, and nothing flashy.

  2. Turn off your phone before you walk in.

  3. Bring a book or magazine. It might take a while.

  4. Be polite and courteous to everyone within a mile the courthouse.  You never know who you might be holding the door open for or letting into traffic.

  5. Stand up when the judge comes into the court room, when the judge is talking to you, or when you are talking to the judge.

What you should NOT do:

  1. Bring a large number of your family members or any of your friends with you.

  2. Talk to friends or family members while the judge is in the room. Step outside to talk.

  3. Fall asleep.  The judge won't think you work the late shift or have a newborn, he'll think you're on drugs.

  4. Be late without calling the court or your lawyer.

  5. Bring children into the court room.  No judge wants a child exposed to a court room when a parent is a defendant.

  6. Ignore court officers' directions.  They will kick you out, arrest you, or tell the judge.

  7. Panic.  Just Breathe.