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Assault, Murder, and Other Violent Offenses


There are different types of assault, such as simple assault and aggravated assault.

  • Simple assault could consist of, but is not limited to, attempting to cause, knowingly or recklessly, bodily injury or death to another person or negligently causing bodily harm to a person using a deadly weapon.

  • Aggravated assault could include, but is not limited to, attempting to cause serious bodily harm to a person, or causing injury purposely/knowingly, or attempting to cause or purposely/knowingly causing injury using a deadly weapon.

However, there are many other actions that could be classified as either simple assault or aggravated assault.

Consequences for assault depend and can vary on a case to case basis. It often times depends on how severe the crime was, whether or not there is a criminal history of the person alleged to have committed the assault, and if there were any damages. That being said, some of the penalties if convicted could be:

  • Restraining order

  •  Jail

  • Probation

  • Anger Management Classes

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Homicide & Murder

Many people tend to believe that these two serious crimes are the same, however there are differences. Murder implies that there was an intent to kill the victim, while homicide just means that the victim was killed by the perpetrator. Due to these differences, a homicide can be shown to have occurred by accident without there being an intent to kill the victim. Every case is different, but depending on the circumstances a conviction could lead to life in prison without parole. Due to the seriousness of these crimes in the criminal justice system, it is best to hire an attorney to represent you. We are skilled in this area and know how to best represent you in your case. Contact us so that we can help.